Camp Cole

The Woodcreek Club has designated Camp Cole, as its signature charity and actively supports this worthy endeavor.  Through Dennis Rabon, a member here at The Woodcreek Club, Camp Cole was introduced to the owners and members of the club.  An immediate connection was made and the members at the club will have an on-going effort in the support of Camp Cole.

Camp Cole is a tribute to Cole Sawyer from Northeast Columbia, who lost his battle to cancer

in 2004 at the age of 11, and to his mother, Stacy, who passed away unexpectedly while developing plans to build a new summer camp in his honor.  Cole’s heart-warming experience at a nearby camp for children facing cancer was the original inspiration behind Camp Cole and the guiding light on the meaningful journey to establish a world-class camp and retreat center. The staff have worked tirelessly to build a center that is highly accessible and inclusive with a warm and caring environment where all campers feel they belong.

Kelsey Sawyer Carter, founder and executive director as well as Cole’s sister, noted that during the inaugural 2021 summer more than 500 campers, ages 6 to 22, made the 40-acre campus their home away from home and a happy diversion from the many life and health challenges they deal with daily.  Among the campers were children who have cancer, experienced or are currently experiencing homelessness or are from low-income families, have Down syndrome, autism, sickle cell disease, and many other life challenges.  There were no ordinary days or nights for these hundreds of wide-eyed campers, just countless minutes laughing, swimming, kayaking, learning to fish, and making new friends. We witnessed the unfolding of precious and inspiring memories that will stay with all of us forever.  Kelsey says “were committed to giving campers the best week of their lives.  It’s what my brother and mom would have wanted.”

 At Camp Cole, everybody shines, which is why they intentionally collaborate with organized camps, also known as Camp Partners, to deliver year-round world-class experiences with world-class care.  The 40-acre campus is an idyllic home-away-from-home for everyone who visits and a safe place to try new things, grow in independence and confidence, and share friendships with people with similar challenges and capabilities. 

Camp Cole brings people together. It plays a critical role in the evolving healthcare continuum by connecting children, teens, and adults facing similar life and health challenges, encouraging campers to explore new opportunities and build meaningful relationships that enrich their lives, attitudes, and resiliency.  Located 15 miles from Prisma Health Children’s Hospital, our ideal location makes it easy for groups to come together despite significant disabilities, concerns, or fears.  It offers a safe place for campers to try things, grow their skills, and become more confident through feelings of acceptance and accomplishment. Without worry about proximity to a major hospital, our campus becomes both a gift and a pivotal link in the life journey of every individual who experiences it.

Here at The Woodcreek Club we will continue to support Camp Cole through our fund-raising events. Our major fund raiser is in the fall is in conjunction with Patrick Davis, who brings 6 of his fellow Nashville musicians and plays a special very relaxed private event one evening in the clubhouse.  Patrick has also played multiple times at the club for special events with his band the Midnight Choir.  We appreciate Patrick’s support in our efforts for Camp Cole as well as all of our members.  If you would like to join the efforts you can donate directly to Camp Cole by going to their website, and make your direct donation.